Store Status

March 2020

We continue working with the Lovettsville Volunteer Fire and Rescue (LVFR) to lease space for the new store in the exiting firehouse.

Before we can begin to build, the LVFR must build their new facility next door. County delays with the firehouse design have affected their construction timeline.

Also, we have been negotiating for more space based on the most recent market study indicating we will need a larger store. This is a good thing! It tells us that we have the demographics to support a truly awesome co-op grocery store.

Finalizing and signing the lease are important for the co-op to move forward on the detailed store design and on planning for our capital campaign.

At this point, the delays in design and construction of the new firehouse are pushing out our store opening. While the LVFR and the county have recently made progress on the new firehouse design, the construction timeline is estimated to be 15 – 18 months and a beginning date has not been set.

Currently, we anticipate construction on the co-op will begin some time after the end of 2021.

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