END OF SUMMER TOP 10: Our behind-the-scenes updates from Lovettsville Co-op Market!

PROGRESS is the word that defines our summer at Lovettsville Co-op Market and we’re here to spill the beans (and grains, and snacks, and…) about all the awesome things happening in our store. Our Leadership Team and Board of Directors have been going full throttle to make sure our store exceeds your expectations when we […]

HIRING EVENT | Deli Department Job Fair

We are currently hiring for several openings in our Deli Department! You can view the full descriptions for each job on our CAREER page. OPEN POSITIONS INCLUDE Lead Cook (FT), Deli Cooks (FT + PT), and Deli Clerks (FT + PT). Our Deli Manager, Noah, will be on-site and interviewing on the spot. Make sure […]

LAUNCH NEWS | FARMERS + NEIGHBORS Pale Ale LAUNCHES @ Wheatland Spring Farm + Brewery

— Wheatland Spring Farm + Brewery X Lovettsville Market — We are excited to announce the launch of our collaboration with Wheatland Spring Farm + Brewery in their FARMERS + NEIGHBORS program to create an incredible Pale Ale made from 100% Virginia Grain and Wheatland Spring Water! Wheatland Spring Farm + Brewery announced that our […]

Join Us in Piecing Together Lovettsville Market’s Grand Opening Puzzle!

– This is a riddle of epic proportions that has been tough to solve, but fear not! We are on the cusp of cracking this complex conundrum known as Opening Day.  – As we get closer to FINALLY solving this puzzle, our dedicated crew diligently works behind the scenes, piecing together the final touches of our Lovettsville […]

Progress Update

Have you noticed that the construction fence is now removed?!  That’s a definite sign of our moving closer to an opening date! The Co-op Team has been working almost 24/7 pushing, pulling, and installing store equipment.  Some key progress notes are: Many inspections will be done in August.  Inspections are being recorded manually until Loudoun […]

Moving Toward the Finish!

July 31, 2023 Here is what we have completed or in the works to date: Electricity has come to the Co-op!  The lights are on and the HVAC system is up and working.  There is much activity with verifying connections, checking each plug and switch.  Soon the refrigeration equipment will be activated so testing can […]

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