The Co-Op

Welcome to the Lovettsville Co-op

The Lovettsville co-op will be a full-service grocery store. The co-op is community owned, so profits go back into our community and members have a voice in co-op decisions.

The store will be a place where anyone can shop for healthy food. Plans include a deli and grab-and-go meals.

When you shop at the co-op you will know where your food comes from. We are already working with local farmers and producers.

The co-op will also serve as a community hub, sponsoring programs and events focused on local needs and interests.

Please take a few minutes to listen to why our Co-op is the only grocery solution for rural Loudoun, an innovative community-owned approach that provides economic benefits, supports our local producers and keeps its focus on our local community.

LCM Bylaws

LCM Articles of Incorporation

Our Mission

Lovettsville Cooperative Market will offer healthy products in a member-owned grocery store to members and non-members alike. We are committed to policies, practices, and values that support a vibrant community and a strong local economy.


We promote our mission through:

1.     Bringing high quality foods to our customer base without sacrificing a wide range of products that are accessible and affordable.

2.     Sourcing products from local and regional farmers and producers when possible.

3.     Serving as a hub for exchange beyond commercial transaction, including community building, gathering, and learning.

4.     Operating under a business model that fosters economic, social, and environmental justice.

5.     Operating under a cooperative model that honors the role of the member-owner as an active participant in co-op success, whether through voting, economic inputs, volunteer efforts, or leadership.

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