The Co-Op

Welcome to the Lovettsville Co-op

The Lovettsville co-op will be a full-service grocery store. The co-op is community owned, so profits go back into our community and members have a voice in co-op decisions.

The store will be a place where anyone can shop for healthy food. Plans include a deli and grab-and-go meals.

When you shop at the co-op you will know where your food comes from. We are already working with local farmers and producers.

The co-op will also serve as a community hub, sponsoring programs and events focused on local needs and interests.

Please take a few minutes to listen to why our Co-op is the only grocery solution for rural Loudoun, an innovative community-owned approach that provides economic benefits, supports our local producers and keeps its focus on our local community.

Lovettsville Co-op bylaws Rev Jan2023

LCM Articles of Incorporation

2022 Annual Report

2022 Video Presentation

Our Mission

Lovettsville Cooperative Market will offer healthy products in a member-owned grocery store to members and non-members alike. We are committed to policies, practices, and values that support a vibrant community and a strong local economy.


We promote our mission through:

1.     Bringing high quality foods to our customer base without sacrificing a wide range of products that are accessible and affordable.

2.     Sourcing products from local and regional farmers and producers when possible.

3.     Serving as a hub for exchange beyond commercial transaction, including community building, gathering, and learning.

4.     Operating under a business model that fosters economic, social, and environmental justice.

5.     Operating under a cooperative model that honors the role of the member-owner as an active participant in co-op success, whether through voting, economic inputs, volunteer efforts, or leadership.

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