Store Status Update: July 2022

Construction continues to roll along and a lot of behind-the-scenes financial and administrative work is being done daily by your volunteer Board.  Here are some highlights of these intensive efforts:

– Our developer, EcoDevelopers, is charging forward with construction to help us meet our goal of opening by the end of first quarter 2023.

-Our architect is finalizing the detailed drawings.

-We have ordered over $500,000 in refrigeration equipment for the store.

-We have signed an agreement with National Co-op Bank for a $950,000 Small Business Administration (SBA) loan.  This loan is contingent on our raising adequate capital from members, however.

-We continue pursuing every avenue possible for grant funding.

-Membership outreach is dynamic and we are staffing tables at various community events continuing to provide information to our community-at-large.  New members have joined at several of these events.

-And, we are ramping up for Phase III of the Capital Campaign to raise the final $300,000 needed to open our store!