Opening Our Doors! Convenience & Community!

The Lovettsville Cooperative Market will open our doors very soon in downtown Lovettsville, providing members and non-members access to over 7,000 items, many of them from over 100 local farms and businesses. We will be within walking distance of commuter paths and a short drive for many neighbors to buy groceries, grab carry out items, participate in wellness and other relevant community programs, and visit with friends.


We are supporting Loudoun County! By creating jobs within the store and sourcing food locally, our community-owned grocery store will help support local farmers, food producers and other small business participants—helping our local food economy.   Additionally, by working with local producers, more money remains in our community, helping to support local businesses and promote community partnerships.


We offer healthier food options! Community-owned grocery stores emphasize stocking healthier and more nutritious food options. Locally sourced groceries are fresher than those in larger chain stores since they don’t travel as far. Also, with a shorter supply chain, we can enhance food security prospects for our community. During COVID, when there were significant food shortages in many big grocery stores, our local farmers and producers were able to provide their foods to local customers without the same long-distance supply chain issues. Also, we will participate in programs, including the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), to assist our neighbors in need to have access to healthier, more nutritious foods.


Co-ops have the personal connection! Unlike big box stores, community-owned grocery stores tend to have a more personal approach to customer service and can cater to their specific needs. They are also more transparent about sourcing practices, providing customers with information about where their food comes from and how it’s produced. So, shoppers can be confident they are making the best choices for their families.


Community connections are integral to Co-ops! We will host a variety of relevant programs on topics such as wellness, food preparation, nutrition, and consider suggestions by our community members. Community connection also means considering the wellness and food insecurity concerns of neighbors in need.


As our Town of Lovettsville grows, we are proud to be part of the focus on local businesses, and to be a demonstration project for sustainable building practices in the Lovettsville Town Commons. If you are interested in becoming a member of our Co-op or receiving more information about us as we grow closer to our Grand Opening, please stay connected with us here, in addition to  Instagram and Facebook