Moving Toward the Finish!

July 31, 2023

Here is what we have completed or in the works to date:

  • Electricity has come to the Co-op!  The lights are on and the HVAC system is up and working.  There is much activity with verifying connections, checking each plug and switch.  Soon the refrigeration equipment will be activated so testing can begin on these items.  If you had the pleasure of visiting the store at one of our events, you know there are lots of freezers and refrigerators to test!  This testing is expected to take about 2 weeks.
  • Water is turned on in the building.  Thanks to the Town of Lovettsville for getting this completed.  Extensive testing is ongoing to be sure there are no leaks.
  • The fire suppression system is installed and being tested.
  • Communication lines, including telephones and internet are all installed and our provider will be turning on service shortly.  This allows the store registers to be tested and loaded for day one transactions.
  • The kitchen has most of the equipment installed, the floor and walls are finished and the hood is installed.
  • Indoor signage is being designed, printed and installed.  This includes our Working Dog Cafe sign over the deli, honoring one of our past Chairs, Jeanne Carlson, who sadly passed away very prematurely due to cancer.  Background information on her life in Alaska mushing dogs prior to moving to Lovettsville will provide context for this special deli name.
  • Sidewalks, parking lot, EV chargers, landscaping and outdoor painting is compete and looks fabulous.
  • Hiring continues, most positions are filled and our new employees are anxious to get started.
  • Discussions with producers is a top priority for store management and we are looking forward to great participation.


  • The construction fence is scheduled to be removed on Friday, August 4.  This is an exciting milestone!
  • Many inspections will take place in August when the county reopens the process after their system upgrade.  That upgrade is expected to be completed by August 14 according to the county.  We hope to be at the top of the list for inspections.
  • Interviews for a permanent General Manager should conclude in the next few weeks.  We have some great candidates and look forward to making our announcement!