LAUNCH NEWS | FARMERS + NEIGHBORS Pale Ale LAUNCHES @ Wheatland Spring Farm + Brewery

Wheatland Spring Farm + Brewery X Lovettsville Market

We are excited to announce the launch of our collaboration with Wheatland Spring Farm + Brewery in their FARMERS + NEIGHBORS program to create an incredible Pale Ale made from 100% Virginia Grain and Wheatland Spring Water!

AVAILABLE NOW | Wheatland Spring Farm + Brewery X Lovettsville Market 100% Virginia Pale Ale.

Wheatland Spring Farm + Brewery announced that our very own FARMERS + NEIGHBORS Pale Ale is now available for sale in cans to go at the Brewery! Stop by the Brewery this weekend to be one of the first to taste our 100% Virginia Pale Ale AND stay tuned for details about our tasting event that will be held at the Brewery in August.

We are so proud of this collaboration and excited to have Wheatland Spring Farm + Brewery as our partner in creating this one-of-a-kind beer for the opening of Lovettsville Market!

Pale Ale, 6%
Wheatland Spring Water
100% Virginia grain
All U.S. Hops
A collaboration with Lovettsville Market Co-op.

(originally posted by Wheatland Spring Farm + Brewery)
FARMERS + NEIGHBORS | Farmers were neighbors. If not next door, it was at least more common that people knew where their food and drink came from. We’re grateful this is still true in parts of our county, Loudoun.

Over the years, many areas across the country swapped these close connections for far-flung supply chains. But endless abundance and lower prices come with a high cost. We’ve all lost part of our shared regional tapestry that comes from the fabric of local food and drink.

Here’s the good news: innovative farmers are advancing small-scale, regenerative agriculture and there’s a groundswell of support for these local farms. The last piece of the puzzle is building a bridge between their produce and people.

Empowering small farms to make this connection, our friends eight minutes up the road at the Lovettsville Cooperative created a market that champions farmers in our growing region. Because the mission resonated with us so clearly, we reached out to make this beer together for our community. Collectively, we’re working to secure a future where it’s commonplace that farmers are neighbors once again.

Local farms make local beer possible.

Want to be one of the first to have a taste? Available at Wheatland Spring NOW in cans to-go!
Releasing on draft next week – keep an eye out for the day and time and join us for a cheers with the Lovettsville Cooperative Market team who joined us for the brew day of this beer some weeks ago.

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