Join Us in Piecing Together Lovettsville Market’s Grand Opening Puzzle!

This is a riddle of epic proportions that has been tough to solve, but fear not! We are on the cusp of cracking this complex conundrum known as Opening Day. 

As we get closer to FINALLY solving this puzzle, our dedicated crew diligently works behind the scenes, piecing together the final touches of our Lovettsville Market Co-op. We’re thrilled to embark on this journey toward our Opening Day. The construction crew is busy fine-tuning the interior finishes, while our unstoppable Lovettsville Market Co-op team showcases unwavering stamina, assembling carts, cleaning floors, and unpacking equipment with the anticipation of unveiling the complete picture.



In the meantime, we invite YOU our enthusiastic and supportive community, to be a part of our Opening Day journey as we work to get the final piece of this puzzle in place. We are in the process of implementing a way for you to see our market come together, piece by piece. You will witness Lovettsville Market gradually come to life, evolving into the vibrant heart of our community that we have all been eagerly anticipating. We are so close to opening the doors and welcoming you to Lovettsville’s very own, full-service grocery store! 


As we unveil glimpses of the magic unfolding behind closed doors, we will introduce you to members of our dedicated team that have contributed to shaping this dream into reality. Our tireless on-site team, loyal Lovettsville Market Co-op members, and the entire Lovettsville community have played a crucial role in bringing us to this remarkable juncture.  


We can’t thank you enough for your continued support and we look forward to meeting you, in person, on Opening Day! 


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