Community Garden Project

We are proud to be the new sponsor of the Lovettsville Community Garden. With permission of the Town Council, we have delayed opening due to the COVID-19 crisis and current stay-at-home orders. Very soon, we will be able to enjoy the pleasures of growing our own food, as well as getting much needed outdoor time. Recently, the LCM volunteer team worked to prepare the overall space for the season. We replaced damaged deer fence, refurbished a wrought iron trellis, tilled the soil, cleaned out the shed and organized supplies. In the weeks ahead, we will be painting the shed, installing gutters and adding two rain barrels.

The garden space consists of 9 plots, of which we have already rented 6! Each plot is 10 x 10′ and can be rented for only $10 for the season. We have plans in place for sharing the garden space safely and adhere to town guidelines for social distancing.

Many thanks to Julie Harner for heading up this project. And, kudos to the volunteers who have helped prepare the garden space – Julie and Craig Harner, Mia Harner, Ben Harner, Andy Koch and John DeSaix.

If you are interested in renting a garden space, have questions or suggestions, please contact us at
Also, if you can volunteer for the additional upcoming preparations, please contact Julie Harner at the same email address.