In Time for the Big Game-Beer & Salami Sampling: Feb 10, Noon-3pm

David Kuehner, from One Family Brewing, will bring a selection of his beers, including a lager and IPA, Small Weiner, Luscious Lip, Hope, Pinnacle Insanity, Cool Side of the Pillow (new).  We also will have a sampling of six salami flavors from Hill Top Farm.  Come visit and taste, then pick up your selections, just in time for the Big Game!

Three Cap Farms: Meet the Producer Jan 27, Noon – 3pm

Special Discounts on January 27!  Three Cap Farms will be in-store with a beautiful, fresh new crop of Oyster and Lion’s Mane mushrooms from Noon-3:00 pm.  Lion’s Mane is a highly medicinal mushroom with wonderful culinary applications.  It is popular as a substitute in Maryland crab cakes.  The Italian Oyster mushroom is versatile and meaty flavored, known as the “meat lover’s mushroom”.  Special discounts only for this day!

Come on in and meet your local producer!

Fabbioli Wine Sampling Jan 27, Noon – 3pm

Doug Fabbioli of Fabbioli Cellars will be here with four of his wines – Paco Rojo, Raspberry Merlot, Something White, and Cabernet Franc.  Meet one of Loudoun’s most respected wine makers and community partner.

PRE-ORDER Your Thanksgiving Turkey TODAY!

Thanksgiving is around the corner and we have everything you need at Lovettsville Co-op Market to create a delicious and healthy meal for you and your family this year!

We are currently taking reservations for Thanksgiving turkeys!

This is your chance to secure a turkey of your choosing so you don’t have to worry about shopping for the perfect turkey going into a hectic Thanksgiving week. We’ve already done the work for you!

We have a limited supply of turkeys available, which is why making your reservation is imperative to ensure you have the turkey of your choice this holiday season!



Fresh All-Natural Whole Turkeys


Available in 10 – 28 lbs @ $3.29/lb

LOCAL Third-Generation Family-Owned Farm in Thurmont, Maryland.

Arrives FRESH, not Frozen.



Whole Turkeys

Available in 8 – 24 lbs @ $4.99/lb.

Mary’s Free-Range Organic Turkeys are an additional step up the ladder in humane farming practices; with freedom to move about and a premium diet of organic ingredients. 

No Antibiotics Ever
Fed an Organic Vegetarian Diet
No Preservatives
No Added Hormones
GAP Rated Step 2 – Enriched Environment



Turkey Breast

Available in 4 – 8 lbs. @ $7.99/lb

Mary’s Organic Turkeys are an additional step up the ladder in humane farming practices; with freedom to move about and a premium diet of organic ingredients.  

Organic boneless turkey breast
Juicy & tender
Vegetarian-fed chickens are hatched, raised & processed in the U.S.
Roast in netting until internal temperature reaches 165°F
Gluten-free & paleo-friendly
No antibiotics ever



Stop by Customer Service to reserve the turkey of your choice. Your turkey will be available for pick-up at Lovettsville Co-op Market starting Sunday, November 19 – Wednesday, November 22 during store hours.

Payment is due at time of pickup.




We are hoping to make your Thanksgiving a little easier this year, so make sure you stop by Customer Service to make your reservation TODAY before all of our turkeys are gone!

If you have any questions about reserving your Thanksgiving turkey, or availability – please contact us at 540-579-8070. 

END OF SUMMER TOP 10: Our behind-the-scenes updates from Lovettsville Co-op Market!

PROGRESS is the word that defines our summer at Lovettsville Co-op Market and we’re here to spill the beans (and grains, and snacks, and…) about all the awesome things happening in our store. Our Leadership Team and Board of Directors have been going full throttle to make sure our store exceeds your expectations when we open our doors. So, here’s a sneak peek of what’s been going on behind closed doors in our END-OF-SUMMER TOP 10!

    1. DIAL US IN | We’ve got a brand new phone system and the internet fairy has blessed us with connectivity! Stay tuned for our official phone number, and when you visit, you’ll have complimentary Wi-Fi inside and right outside the store.

      Grab a seat at our lovely outdoor tables, sip your coffee, eat your made-to-order sandwiches from our café, slurp soup from the Hot Bar, and soak in that sweet Virginia fall weather.
    2. SHELF LOVE | Shelves and bins are in! Aisle shelving, bakery cases, Hot Bar, Cheese Island (dreams really do come true), office desks are stained (thanks to our President of the Board, John DeSaix), and not just a few, but over 75 bulk binsmore than 80 bulk spice containers have been installed! It’s like a symphony of storage solutions, and we can’t wait to fill them up with all the amazing products we’ve sourced over the past year.

    3. BUTTER UP (and wake, up) BUTTERCUP | Freshly Ground Almond Butter, Peanut Butter, and Coffee! We’re all about freshness and healthiness. Our grinding stations are your ticket to taste bud paradise. Freshly ground means better flavor, heavenly aromas, NO artificial flavors, and NO added oil, sugar, or salt to some of your favorite treats. The machines are standing by, waiting for you to grind away!

    4. SIGN LANGUAGE | Our interior signs are up and ready to direct you as soon as you enter the store! Our café and department signs were fabricated locally and are now installed for your ease and convenience navigating the store.

    5. MEMBERSHIP GROWS | Our membership has blossomed to a whopping 1170 this summer, and it’s still climbing! We’re over the moon about the support, and we can’t thank you enough for joining us in this adventure as an Owner-Member. You’ve become vital to our mission of supporting our vibrant community.

      If you would like more information on joining our 1170+ Members, please visit our Membership page.

    6. FARMERS + NEIGHBORS PALE ALE LAUNCH | We officially popped the metaphorical champagne in the form of a beer tap at Wheatland Spring Farm + Brewery with a glass of our collaboration pale ale, FARMERS + NEIGHBORS!

      We had an inaugural tap tasting at their brewery to celebrate, and it was a good time had by all. We were joined by members of our Board, Members-Owners, and, of course, Bonnie + John of Wheatland Spring for a group cheer with our delicious cold pale ale in hand. You can read more about the launch in July of FARMERS+NEIGHBORS here.

      Currently, you can grab it on tap at Wheatland Spring Farm + Brewery or in cans-to-go. Once we open, you’ll find it right here in our store!

    7. LENDING A HAND IN THE COMMUNITY GARDEN | We’ve been busy bees at the Lovettsville Community Garden at Quarter Branch Park, and now there’s a lending library, thanks to our local and very active, Girl Scout Troop 70074. It was a battle of Virginia Red Clay vs. Troop 70074, and guess what? TROOP 70074 WON!

      The Lovettsville Community Garden Lending Library is stocked full of books about horticulture, agriculture, farming, and all things green. If you have books to share or are interested in a garden plot of your own, shoot us an email.

    8. HELP WANTED | Our hiring extravaganza is in full swing, and we have had a great response so far. If you or someone you know is on the hunt for PT or FT work, check out our CAREERS page for current openings and job descriptions.

    9. CO-OPtoberfest | JOIN US at Lovettsville Oktoberfest festivities on Saturday, September 23 starting at 10 AM! Our Front of House Manager, Jill Evans-Kavaldjian, came up with the incredibly genius name, CO-OPtoberfest and WE LOVE IT!

      STOP BY our parking lot starting at 10 AM to visit with Lovettsville Co-op Leadership and our Board of Directors. We will have food trucks in our lot, a lounge area, and sweepstakes for a $200 gift card*. We will also have CO-OPtoberfest glasses, so keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram for more details about how you can get one on Saturday!

      *No purchase is necessary to enter to win a $200 Lovettsville Co-op Market Gift Card. Must be 18+ to enter.

    10. BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS | Hold onto your shopping carts, folks! We’ve got some big news coming your way. Stay glued to our store updates, sign up for our email newsletter, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to be the first in the know.

So, there you have it, our END OF SUMMER TOP 10 at Lovettsville Co-op Market. We hope you’re as excited as we are to fling open those doors and invite you in to experience our beautiful, new, and fully-stocked store. See you soon!



HIRING EVENT | Deli Department Job Fair

We are currently hiring for several openings in our Deli Department! You can view the full descriptions for each job on our CAREER page. OPEN POSITIONS INCLUDE Lead Cook (FT), Deli Cooks (FT + PT), and Deli Clerks (FT + PT).

Our Deli Manager, Noah, will be on-site and interviewing on the spot. Make sure you come prepared with your resume and government-issued ID. He will be available to answer questions and speak with you about the available positions. Job fair event details are below:


Saturday, September 16

11 -2


11 Town Center Drive, Suite 150, Lovettsville, VA 20180

If you CAN’T make it to our Job Fair this Saturday, make sure you apply on our Career page OR you can send your resume directly to with the open position you are applying for in the subject line.

We look forward to seeing you on Friday!

Join Us in Piecing Together Lovettsville Market’s Grand Opening Puzzle!

This is a riddle of epic proportions that has been tough to solve, but fear not! We are on the cusp of cracking this complex conundrum known as Opening Day. 

As we get closer to FINALLY solving this puzzle, our dedicated crew diligently works behind the scenes, piecing together the final touches of our Lovettsville Market Co-op. We’re thrilled to embark on this journey toward our Opening Day. The construction crew is busy fine-tuning the interior finishes, while our unstoppable Lovettsville Market Co-op team showcases unwavering stamina, assembling carts, cleaning floors, and unpacking equipment with the anticipation of unveiling the complete picture.



In the meantime, we invite YOU our enthusiastic and supportive community, to be a part of our Opening Day journey as we work to get the final piece of this puzzle in place. We are in the process of implementing a way for you to see our market come together, piece by piece. You will witness Lovettsville Market gradually come to life, evolving into the vibrant heart of our community that we have all been eagerly anticipating. We are so close to opening the doors and welcoming you to Lovettsville’s very own, full-service grocery store! 


As we unveil glimpses of the magic unfolding behind closed doors, we will introduce you to members of our dedicated team that have contributed to shaping this dream into reality. Our tireless on-site team, loyal Lovettsville Market Co-op members, and the entire Lovettsville community have played a crucial role in bringing us to this remarkable juncture.  


We can’t thank you enough for your continued support and we look forward to meeting you, in person, on Opening Day! 


There are several ways for you to stay up to date on the progress of our Lovettsville Market Co-op: FOLLOW US on Facebook and Instagram for real-time updates and sneak peeks. Sign up for our email newsletter HERE to ensure you never miss a beat. Have a question or simply want to say, Hi? Drop us an email at 

Progress Update

Have you noticed that the construction fence is now removed?!  That’s a definite sign of our moving closer to an opening date!

The Co-op Team has been working almost 24/7 pushing, pulling, and installing store equipment.  Some key progress notes are:

  • Many inspections will be done in August.  Inspections are being recorded manually until Loudoun County reopens the process with their new system upgrade.  Then, we hope to be at the top of the list for final occupancy inspection!
  • Interviews for our permanent General Manager are being conducted.  The search committee is very impressed with the quality of candidates; and, a selection will be made soon.
  • The refrigeration cases are installed, operating, and being tested.
  • The deli countertops and the office desks have been installed.
  • The fire suppression system is being tested.
  • Our Working Dog Cafe’ signage should be installed very soon.

Meat slicers and ovens ready to go; grocery carts ready to roll!

Moving Toward the Finish!

July 31, 2023

Here is what we have completed or in the works to date:

  • Electricity has come to the Co-op!  The lights are on and the HVAC system is up and working.  There is much activity with verifying connections, checking each plug and switch.  Soon the refrigeration equipment will be activated so testing can begin on these items.  If you had the pleasure of visiting the store at one of our events, you know there are lots of freezers and refrigerators to test!  This testing is expected to take about 2 weeks.
  • Water is turned on in the building.  Thanks to the Town of Lovettsville for getting this completed.  Extensive testing is ongoing to be sure there are no leaks.
  • The fire suppression system is installed and being tested.
  • Communication lines, including telephones and internet are all installed and our provider will be turning on service shortly.  This allows the store registers to be tested and loaded for day one transactions.
  • The kitchen has most of the equipment installed, the floor and walls are finished and the hood is installed.
  • Indoor signage is being designed, printed and installed.  This includes our Working Dog Cafe sign over the deli, honoring one of our past Chairs, Jeanne Carlson, who sadly passed away very prematurely due to cancer.  Background information on her life in Alaska mushing dogs prior to moving to Lovettsville will provide context for this special deli name.
  • Sidewalks, parking lot, EV chargers, landscaping and outdoor painting is compete and looks fabulous.
  • Hiring continues, most positions are filled and our new employees are anxious to get started.
  • Discussions with producers is a top priority for store management and we are looking forward to great participation.


  • The construction fence is scheduled to be removed on Friday, August 4.  This is an exciting milestone!
  • Many inspections will take place in August when the county reopens the process after their system upgrade.  That upgrade is expected to be completed by August 14 according to the county.  We hope to be at the top of the list for inspections.
  • Interviews for a permanent General Manager should conclude in the next few weeks.  We have some great candidates and look forward to making our announcement!

Our Departments & Producers

Opening Summer 2023!! Did you know we have 10 departments being set up for your one-stop shopping? Your Lovettsville Co-op will be open year-round, 7 days a week as a full-service grocery store. Our 10 departments include: Bulk, Cheese, Dairy, Deli, Frozen Foods, Grocery, Meats, Produce, Wellness, and Wine & Beer. Details on each department are on our website.

While our emphasis is on local produce, meats and other products, we will source healthy products from several regional suppliers during our local off-season times. Local products will be prominently labeled in the store. We will ensure that you know from where your food comes in all seasons!

Speaking of knowing your farmer? Do you know the Garlic King of Snickers Run Farm? Meet Peter Durand. He grows a variety of hard-neck garlic using natural growing methods in western Loudoun County. His varieties include Bluemont Music, German Extra Hardy, Chesnok Red and Asian Tempest. Peter also sells garlic scapes which are scrumptious to sautee’ or use in many recipes calling for mild garlic/onion flavors and provide a pop of green in your culinary creations!

We are fortunate to have an amazing, extensive network of local farmers and producers. Some others you will find on our Producers List include:

Farrah’s Farm

LGA Microgreens

Longstone Farm

Lydia’s Fields

Milcreek Farm

Parsonage Soaps

Potomac Point Apiary

This is only a small sampling of hyper-local producers whose products we will proudly feature in your Co-op soon!

Another important feature of a Co-op grocery store is a focus on serving our local community. When you know your customers and they know you, it’s much easier to be responsive to our neighbors’ needs and interests. So, keep that in mind if you have questions or preferences that we may address. For instance, do you have a specific dietary need? If so, no worries! We have a variety of alternative protein, gluten-free, and non-GMO products.

If you don’t see what you need, please contact us and we will do our best to find that product. Any questions can be directed to our friendly Customer Service Representative at the Service Desk.


We look forward to seeing you shopping at the Co-op this summer! Stay tuned for Grand Opening details!